Operational planning,
organization and documentary support
of cargo transportation.

about us

Baltrefservice AS
was founded in 1998
and built on 100% privately owned capital.

  • We work 24/7 offering a full package of transport and logistics services
  • There is a choice between the full package or particular services we can offer to our clients
  • To deliver your goods to the final destination on time we use railway, sea and road transportation methods accompanied by brokerage services and full documentary support
  • Our qualified specialists will offer you: optimal transportation routes and methods with cost calculations of different delivery stages, international delivery scheme including “Door to door” service

We have

  • Direct partnerships with railways of CIS Member States, the Baltic countries and freight forwarders companies in the European countries
  • Technological facilities for goods reception, storage, processing and forwarding
  • Automated control of the goods transportation
  • Good fair rates

Our priorities include the reliability and accuracy of all stages of goods transportation process.
We have proven to be a reliable and constant partner for all our clients.

Our Goals

  • Fast and on time delivery of your goods to the final destination
  • Provision of a secure and highly qualified cargo transportation services

Our Values

  • Long-term relationships with our clients and counterparties
  • Continuous growth and development
  • High quality customer services
  • • Personal and customized approach for each client

We provide the following services

  • Operational planning, organization and documentary support of cargo transportation
  • Optimal cargo transportation schemes development
  • Customs intermediary
  • Railway rate payments in the Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries as well as other countries
  • Provision of the different types of rolling stocks for the cargo transportation in the Russian Federation, CIS, Europe and Asia
  • Railway carriages and containers rental
  • Transportation of oversize cargo and heavy machinery
  • Organization of railway carriages’ administration
  • Cooperation with railways’ administrations and freight forwarders in order to agree on cargo transportation requests
  • Providing a customer with the tracking information
  • Development of cargo loading and securing schemes; loading and unloading operations
  • Shipping paperwork
  • Arrangement of intermodal transportation - organization of "door to door" delivery and "door to destination station” delivery
  • Organization of transportation by several transport types within the same delivery chain

Transported goods

Liquid cargo

Oil, gasoline, fuel oil, liquefied gases and chemical industry products. Liquid cargo is transported by rail.

dry bulk cargo

Coal, ore, timber, construction products, fertilizer, grain.
Dry bulk cargo is transported by boxcars, platforms and gondola wagons.

Household appliances

Industrial consumer goods, household appliances and electronics.
We have an opportunity to offer a “door-to-door” delivery.


Finished manufactured cars and automotive spare parts.
Transportation is carried out by car carriages.


Transportation of machinery tools and other oversized equipment is often possible by rail only.
We will deliver your equipment and ensure its complete safety.

Perishable Goods

Meat and meat products, frozen or chilled fish products.
We transport these goods by carriages: refrigerators and refrigerated containers.

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